Dualem On-Line Documents

4-m Multiple Array Examples
Introduction, examples and a simulation of surveying with a 4-m DUALEM with multiple arrays.
Updated: 2008-7

A bibliography of papers relevant to DUALEM instruments.
Updated: 2016-11

A note about Bluetooth communication with DUALEM instruments.
Updated: 2014-07

DUALEM Roll Test
Description and examples of a calibration test for DUALEM sensors.
Updated: 2019-03

DUALEM YouTube videos
Links to videos found on YouTube about DUALEM instrumentation.
Updated: 2018-06

Contains DUUPLOAD5, a downloadable program to transfer data from a DUALEM internal logger to a Windows computer.
Updated: 2014-10

EM Induction
Electromagnetic Induction: Operation and Interpretation, especially at Low Induction Numbers. Updated: 2003-2

Environmental Mapping
Examples of mapping a groundwater plume and buried drums with DUALEM instruments (SEG 2000 Expanded Abstract).
Updated: 2001-12

Geometric EM
A history of the development and applications of geometric-sounding EM instruments (SEG 1999 Expanded Abstract, with addendum).
Updated: 2003-8

A glossary of geophysical terms commonly used with DUALEM instruments.
Updated: 2002-8

GPS Datum Indices
Numeric codes for the Earth Datums useable with the GPS receivers internal to DUALEM instruments.
Updated: 2013-2

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Compatibility
Tests of interference between a DUALEM-1S and a shielded GPR.
Updated: 2006-9

Landfill Plume
Profiling the depth and conductivity of a landfill plume.
Updated: 2011-05

Layering analysis to 10-m Depth
Multi-geometry EM Sounding of a Freshwater Lagoon.
Updated: 2012-05

Levee imaging with a DUALEM-642S and GPR.
Updated: 2015-04

Metal Detection
DUALEM-1S metal detection and magnetometer compatibility.
Updated: 2004-7

Motorized GPS Surveying
Practical suggestions and some examples of equipment for surveying large areas with a motor vehicle and GPS.
Updated: 2005-11

Pipeline Detection
DUALEM-421 measurements over a 30″ steel pipeline buried below 1 m.
Updated: 2014-05

Septic Field
Monitoring a failed septic field with DUALEM-2 conductivity.
Updated: 2003-02

Serial-port program
Notes about a freeware program for serial-port communication.
Updated: 2013-04

Vertical Sounding
Analysis of conductive layering by vertical sounding.
Updated: 2004-06