DUALEM Rentals

Dualem recommends contacting the following groups regarding renting or leasing DUALEM instrumentation:

ABEM France
Cintre, France
Tel: 33 02 9985 1654
Note: ABEM France has a DUALEM-21S and systems for guidance/positioning and logging.

Agro Praxes SA
Mendoza, Argentina
Tel: 54 261 667 5393
Note: Agro Praxes has surveying packages with DUALEM-1S sensors, sleds, and systems for guidance/positioning and logging.

Alpha Geoscience Pty. Ltd
Peakhurst, NSW Australia
Tel: 61 (0) 2 9584 7555
Note: Several organizations have purchased DUALEM sensors through Alpha Geoscience as part of survey systems integrated by Alpha.

Agen, France
Tel: 33 (0)1 5377 2120
Note: CoRHIZE has a surveying package with the DUALEM-1HS sensor.

Gehrig, Inc.
Muenster, TX USA
Tel: 1 940 759 2915
Note: Gehrig has a DUALEM-421S integrated with field computer and GPS.

Geostudi Astier s.r.l.
Livorno, Italy
Tel: 39 0586 864 734
Note: Geostudi has a DUALEM-642S with internal GPS. Geostudi provides survey systems and software that can accommodate DUALEM sensors.

Mala GPR Australia
Brookvale, NSW Australia
Tel: 61 (0) 438 278 902
Note: Mala GPR Australia has a DUALEM-42S.

Northwest Geophysics LLC
Redmond, WA USA
Tel: 1 425 883 0777
Note: Northwest Geophysics has a DUALEM-1S and a DUALEM-4.

Ramboll Group A/S
Water and Environment (Vand og Miljo)
Aarhus, Denmark
Tel: 45 5161 7740
Note: Ramboll has a DUALEM-421S.